The European Central Bank will directly supervise “between 130-150“ EU banks under the proposed banking union framework, Mario Draghi told MEPs on Monday. Speaking during a monetary dialogue hearing with the Parliament‘s Economic and Monetary Affairs committee, Draghi added that national supervisors would have more powers, particularly over small banks. (EUOBSERVER.COM)

David Cameron has said it is “imaginable” that the UK could leave the European Union, in a landmark acknowledgement that an exit is possible even though he would be against the move. The prime minister made the comment while updating MPs on the results of last week’s inconclusive EU summit aimed at stabilising the eurozone. When asked whether he could foresee a British withdrawal from the 27-member bloc, Mr Cameron said: “All futures for Britain are imaginable”, but then restated his argument that a British departure is “not my preference”. (FT.COM)

Ireland, which will take up the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union on 1 January 2013, is determined to make progress on the dossiers related to the EU’s external dimension and wants to put the emphasis on growth. (EUROPOLITICS.INFO)

Greece has completed a 10.5-km-long, 4-metre-high razor wire fence on its land border with Turkey, Greek media report. The wall cost €3 million to build and is designed to stop people trying to get around the natural barrier of the Evros river. It has been criticised by the European Commission. (EUOBSERVER.COM)

Little over a month in office, Dutch finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem may become the next Eurogroup chief to succeed Jean-Claude Juncker, as the more experienced French and German finance ministers block each other out. (EUOBSERVER.COM)

UMP rivals François Fillon and Jean-François Copé appeared to agree Sunday on the date for a fresh leadership vote next September in a bid to heal the bruising divide within France’s right-wing opposition party. (FRANCE24.COM)

Poland wants EU member states to reject the European Commission‘s plan to ‘backload‘ the auctioning of allowances in the next period of the emissions trading scheme. At a meeting of environment ministers yesterday, Marcin Korolec, Poland‘s environment minister, urged the rejection of the backloading proposal (backloading is meant to be a short-term measure to raise the flagging price of carbon). (EUROPEANVOICE.COM)


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