A lot of concerned citizens understand that certainly, we should be aware of the domestic dangers of a militaristic state; true, we cannot afford to be the world’s policeman; sure, military operations in complex countries on the brink of civil war have only a small chance of being successful, etc. but still, States should try their best to promote freedom abroad.

But States don’t do that. Their essence is to be managed by regular sociopaths with omnipotent powers; therefore their leaders are by nature effective political manipulators and incompetent policy talking heads.

Statesmen are in a violent worldwide competition for population control. The bottom-line is that, by definition, States are not in the freedom business. Advancing liberal values is at best a side-effect.

It is time to have that debate about foreign affairs. I hope we will then realize that the best way to advance freedom abroad is to have a non-interventionist State and a civil society that is free to offer food to the famished, healthcare to the wounded, communications to the silenced, security to the oppressed, transportation to the cornered, housing and jobs to the exiled.


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