I am browsing the web tonight:

– “Behave yourself and be polite”: how Carol and Ron Paul educated their son Rand (The New York Times). Mind you, no other horrid brainwashing than “you are not supposed to initiate force on anyone else” and “stealing from people is not good”.

– A very inspired article on What’s Special About Humanity? (Society Story Journal). I am not discovering that Jessica loves humans but she gives the reasons why she does so. This is quite rare. I am very sensitive to this subject. In fact, since my childhood, the very high respect I feel towards every individuals’ unknowable, precious, unique inner world explains why I care so much about a just and free society.

I have mentioned that before but when you work with political leaders, you realise very soon that they are not prescient. EU senior officials can’t define European economic governance:

And where markets are right is that Europe is sending confused signals about whether it thinks the euro can be saved with belt-tightening and discipline, or whether the currency will only survive if Europe moves to a whole new level of integration, including pooled borrowing and big fiscal transfers. And that is because EU leaders themselves are confused. I have been spending a lot of time in recent days talking to senior officials from different countries, asking them to clarify what they think is meant by the “European economic governance” that everyone says is needed. None of them can give a clear answer because, so far, nobody knows.


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