The ECB has released a manga-like cartoon for young teenagers (I would say kids reather than teenagers given the looks of the cartoon but whatever) which in 8 minutes seeks to explain “price stability” within a Keynesian framework (i.e. inflation in the 0-2% range).

Watch the video here.

There is also a pupil’s leaflet, which explains price stability in simple terms, and a more detailed teacher’s booklet. The kit has been produced by the ECB together with the national central banks of the euro area.

Funny timing to talk about inflation since the ECB bailouts PIIGS right now. I hope they will soon release the “ECB Inflation Manager Simulator” video game.

You can find other “educational material” produced by the ECB here.

Source: Zero Hedge


3 thoughts on “European Central Bank Releases Keynesian Cartoon for Teenagers

  1. There is nothing Keynesian there. It’s purely monetarist: whatever happen, you maintain your inflation target across the economic circle.
    On the other side, the Fed is conducting a Keynesian monetary policy.

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