Will the Icelandic ash cloud affect our weather?

Speaking to Wired, Sarah Grintzevitch of the Royal Meteorological Society said: “Volcanic ash in the atmosphere leads to cooling in temperatures as the sun’s radiation is reflected back by the dust particles.”

Previous eruptions have had a lasting impact on global climates. The 1991 eruption of Mt Pinatubo in the Philippines led to a drop of average temperatures for the entire northern hemisphere for nearly three years, and caused an increase in the destruction rate of the ozone due to the large volume of aerosol gasses released.

Scientists did, however, only recorded a drop of one degree Fahrenheit over the three year period and there is no sign this latest eruption will result in a similar drop. “It [the cooling affect] won’t be that major, in terms of temperature or time, but it could reach as far as the Faroe Islands.” Grintzevitch said.

Source: Wired UK

Wild Wonders of Europe

Wild Wonders of Europe is about sharing the amazing natural wonders of our continent with 700 million Europeans and the World! Our aim is so that we can all better reconnect to this wonderful heritage, enjoy it more and take care of it more wisely for the future.

Wild Wonders of Europe wants to show that Europe really is not about just highways and cities. But today, many seem to know more about nature in Africa or in America, than in Europe, because that is what’s on TV. The European natural wonders are still very little known to the World. We want to change that.

Amazing pictures on this website: Wild Wonders of Europe

The World’s Most Inappropriate Government Agencies

The Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice in Saudi Arabia, the Central Propaganda Department  in China, the KGB in Belarus, and the Backward Classes Bureau in India should consider a little PR something.

Foreign Policy explains why here.

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